Tartiflette topped with Raclette – £7.50

Our signature spin on Tartiflette topped with Raclette

Avalanche Sausage – £5.50

Sausages cooked with onions & white wine served in a fresh granary baton

Avalanche 6oz Burger – £5.50

Premium quality 100% beef burger served with onions in a fresh white bap

Raclette addition – £3

Raclette topping for your wedges or burger

Wedges – £3.50

Rustic skin-on wedges



Menabrea – Pint £4.50  – Half Pint – £2.50

An authentic Premium Italian Lager. Brewed in the foothills of the Italian Alps, it is a well-balanced beer with a notable floral/fruity aroma.

Wild Beer ‘Bibble’ Pale Ale – Pint £4.50 – Half £2.50

This session ale is packed full of hops aromas with a solid malt base it’s a beer for all occasions. 

Exclusive Wines & Fizz – 175ml £4.50 – 250ml – £6.50

We have an impressive selection of wines and fizz available to suit all tastes

Kopparberg – £4.50

Glühwein –  175ml £3.50

Gluhwein is a delicious blend of red wine, spices and brandy. The perfect winter warmer!

Hot Apfel Moose ™  – 175ml £3.50

Moose™ is the result of an arduous and thrilling journey to distil the essence of the mountains. Using this amazing ingredient we bring you our take on their signature Hot Apfel Moose™, a  worthy opponent to the classic mulled cider

Premium Spirits – 25ml £4.50 – 50ml – £6.50

Avalanche Blast, Smirnoff Black Label, Johnnie Walker Black Labe,l Agnes Arber Gin, Old J Rum, Hennessy Cognac, Jägermeister, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Sambuca, Absinth, Amaretto, Frangelico

Aperitifs, Vermouths & Liqueurs 50ml – £4.50

Aperol, Campari, Schnapps, St Germain, Martini, Baileys


Hot Drinks

Warm up with either aromatic coffee roasted in Wales, premium tea or luxury hot chocolate made from real chocolate solids!

Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino – £3.00

Tea, Americano, Chocolate – £2.50

Boozy Chocolate or Coffee – £5.50

Choose from a shot of Baileys, Amaretto, Whiskey and more!


Soft Drinks

Minerals, Coca-Cola, Lemonade, Ginger – 200ml £2.00

Frobisher’s Juices – 250ml £2.50

Evian Water – 500ml £2.00

San Pellegrino – 500ml  £2.50

Tonic, Ginger, Tomato – 200ml £2.00

Dash Lime, Blackcurrant, Orange – £0.50